What is All About 221g

This blog is an attempt to collect relevant information about the section 221(g), which is given to US visa applicants when the consulate is not able to immediately arrive at a decision on the application.  221(g) is a temporary refusal or hold on the application until further investigation is carried out on the application. The average processing time in such cases is officially claimed to be about 60 working days but some cases take more than a year. The only relief in such cases is that most often as long as the case is genuine there is a very high likelihood of getting cleared eventually. This blog will be mostly focused towards H1B (work visa). Since the other categories of visas (F1, H4) have similar 221(g) guidelines there will be similarities and a lot of the information should apply to them as well.

The information in this blog is obtained from a variety of sources with variable
reliability. It should not be considered legal advice and much of the material is
subject to change since the visa regulations and procedures change
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