It is important to be fully prepared for the interview to reduce the chances of getting 221(g) or rejection due to information mismatch or poor supporting material.

Here is a list of documents and supporting materials for H1B visa application:

Generic Requirements:

1. DS 160 barcode print out

Note: Make sure you are carefully fill the information in DS160. A mismatch can lead to a 221(g). For instance a previous 221(g) even if eventually cleared is considered a denial. So the question about have you been denied a US visa before has to be entered yes.

2.Appointment confirmation email print out


3. I-797 – Notice of Action

4. LCA – Labor Condition Application and Letter


5. I-129 – Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker

6. Passport


Note: Make sure the passport validity is more than a year, if the passport expires before the end of employment term then visa is stamped only till the date of passport expiry. Also it is not recommended to appear for the interview with just a few months of left.

7.  EVC/EV Model employee documents specifically Client Letter (See section for EVC/EC Model below)

Client letter

Additional Supporting Documents

  1. Supporting documents filed with USCIS when at the time of visa application
  2. Resume
  3. Employer documents (employee lists, tax filings, company listings etc)
  4. Employer Annual Report
  5. Pay Stubs
  6. Offer Letter
  7. Job description (nature of work, technical details)
  8. Manager details
  9. Department and Site information
  10. Information of projects
  11. Previous employment letters verifying previous work
  12. Time-sheets
  13. W2s
  14. Tax Returns
  15. I20s
  16. Educational documents

Documents for Employee Vendor Client Model Employees (Contractors)

Further supporting documents are required for those employed as contractors and working at a different company than their employer. Here is a list:

  1. Client letter (Required)
  2. Vendor letter
  3. Employer offer letter
  4. Contract information between client and vendor
  5. Employment contract
  6. Letter to USCIS at the time of initial submission
  7. Documentation used for LCA filing

In order to verify the genuineness of the application the consulate asks the candidate a series of questions. Below is a list of questions categories:

  1. Related to company: Current company, how long employed with it, is it the first job, where is the company, what do they do?
  2. Related to Job: Name of the job, responsibilities, nature of job, where do you work, relation with the companies work, your backgrounds relation to the job?
  3. Related to Experience: Previous work, experience in the field, previous positions held?
  4. Related to Finances: Salary, paystubs, tax returns?
  5. Related to Education: University graduated from, degree, specialization?
  6. Related to your background: Any other passports or citizenship, siblings, family, countries you have traveled to, where do you live?
  7. Related to EVC/EC Model: Job location, supervisor information, employer location and nature of work, steps between employee and employer, communication between employee employer, nature of remuneration/salary, who is responsible for your bonus (The basic idea they wanna check is that it is the employer and not the client or vendor who is responsible for the performance review, salary hike, project assignment and termination)?

1 Response to Interview

  1. Ade says:

    I was supposed to renew my visa and my daughter’s by dropbox but eventually I submitted mine at the DHL office but my daughter couldn’t because of an error on her passport number generated on the dropbox confirmation letter. We were asked to go back and generate another one with correct passport number for her by mailing the embassy customer service and returning for submission at the DHL office( unfortunately despite calling several and reviving replies that my profile has been updated to accommodate my dependant in other to print another dropbox letter for her, I couldn’t as we speak and it’s been 2weeks since I submitted mine). I got a reply today from the consular to pick up my passport at the DHL office and reschedule another appointment via a 221g decison: “”it says pls return to the embassy at no extra cost to speak to an interviewing officer”
    My initial travel was for 4months with my daughter and the second was for 3weeks on my previous US visa. Do u think I’ll be questioned for staying for 4months before arriving. Why do u think they will want me to come for an interview? Or reject my visa ?

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