Standard Template (Administrative Processing)

Your application for a nonimmigrant visa has not been refused. At present, your application must be suspended under section 221g of the immigration and nationality Act, as amended (INA), for further review at the Department of State or by another agency. Embassy xxxxxx will resume action on your application after we are informed that this review is completed. Please be advised, however, we do not control the pace or scope of this review.

  • Administrative processing
  • Waiver of ineligibility

When the process is complete, we will contact you with further instructions or to advise you that your visa is ready for pick-up.

What it Means to the Applicant:

You have just attended a visa interview to get a visa to enter United States. But rather than approving or denying your petition you have been told that your application needs further work and they are putting you under 221(g), handing you a colored slip mentioning that your application has been suspended under section 221(g). Your petition and supporting documents have already been approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) but the consulate does not take that approval into consideration. So what does this mean?

221(g) is a temporary refusal or hold on the issuance of visa. The immigration team at the consulate is not fully convinced that the applicant is qualified to receive the visa on the day of the interview. So they want to obtain additional documents or information to verify the credentials of the applicant before the visa can be issued. So rather than giving a rejection the case is put on hold until they can investigate and ascertain the applicant is qualified to receive the visa. There is no real timeline how long this process can take. It can be completed in a week or drag on for a few months or take more than a year.

It means you will not be able to enter United States for now. You will not be able to make it to your work in US, your property (house, car, business) and possessions have to wait and any timely appointments have to be cancelled since there is no timeline for 221(g). This can happen to individuals who have been living in United States for years and had appeared at a consulate for getting their approved visa stamped to their passport when they traveled out of USA.

Video Explanation of 221(g) and Some Concerns

In the Words of Department of State:

Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

(g) No visa or other documentation shall be issued to an alien if (1) it appears to the consular officer, from statements in the application, or in the papers submitted therewith, that such alien is ineligible to receive a visa or such other documentation under section 212, or any other provision of law, (2) the application fails to comply with the provisions of this Act, or the regulations issued thereunder, or (3) the consular officer knows or has reason to believe that such alien is ineligible to receive a visa or such other documentation under section 212, or any other provision of law: Provided, That a visa or other documentation may be issued to an alien who is within the purview of section 212(a)(4), if such alien is otherwise entitled to receive a visa or other documentation, upon receipt of notice by the consular officer from the Attorney General of the giving of a bond or undertaking providing indemnity as in the case of aliens admitted under section 213: Provided further, That a visa may be issued to an alien defined in section 101(a)(15)(B) or (F), if such alien is otherwise entitled to receive a visa, upon receipt of a notice by the consular officer from the Attorney General of the giving of a bond with sufficient surety in such sum and containing such conditions as the consular officer shall prescribe, to insure that at the expiration of the time for which such alien has been admitted by the Attorney General, as provided in section 214(a), or upon failure to maintain the status under which he was admitted, or to maintain any status subsequently acquired under section 248 of the Act, such alien will depart from the United States.

Reference: http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/ineligibilities/ineligibilities_1364.html

221(g) in Numbers

Here is a year wise breakdown of 221(g) refusals for non immigrants and the the cases that have been overcome in the last 5 years.

year 221(g) given 221(g) overcome overcome % Ineligible Rejected
2008 589,418 510,549 86.62 1,481,471
2009 616,284 558,895 90.69 1,257,465
2010 694,620 617,155 88.85 1,159,519
2011 837,477 743,524 88.78 1,218,324
2012 806,773 724,217 89.77 1,308,983

Source: Yearly reports Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa Ineligibilities

(by Grounds for Refusal Under the Immigration and Nationality Act)

Actually almost twice as many get straight rejections as 221(g) and 9 out of 10 who get 221(g) get cleared. It also shows that if you get 221(g) you are not alone 221(g) is no longer an exception as the number of 221(g) cases have increased every year.

221(g) Changes to Attitudes towards Nonimmigrants

There are a number of reasons why 221(g) is issued but the underlying reason is a mistrust of nonimmigrants. It could be one of the following reasons:

  1. “Immigrants are taking our jobs” has long been the view of some in US but never an official policy. Over the past few years though the DOS has made it difficult to hire nonimmigrants and 221(g) only makes retaining nonimmigrants difficult for companies. Several legal firms (Murthy, Peeraly) have seen this could be the reason why some petitions have been put under 221(g) to discourage companies from getting nonimmigrant work force by delaying the paperwork. Even though no local alternative is available for some of the high tech jobs for which nonimmigrants are primary applicants.
  2. Some of the consulting firms that hired nonimmigrants resorted to unlawful practices that included tax evasion, unfair labor compensation and violating immigration rules. Some universities (Herguan University, Sunnyvale) and several employers (Cybersoft, Venturisoft) were raided and found for visa scam and several other violations. This might have lead consulates issuing more 221(g)s than before. In this case a few companies resorting to unlawful practices are bringing bad reputation for the other companies that abide by laws and need nonimmigrant work force to grow.
  3. Since the formation of DHS several cautionary practices have been employed on nonimmigrants. With added security procedures 221(g) has become common with administrative processing. Muslims have been in particular focus even though 221(g) is given to people of other faith as well.

70 Responses to 221(g)

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  3. mark ndoci says:

    it has been 2 years since i field to bring over my wife to the us
    this is what she gate.under section 221 git mean thy will take there time delay on you finding reasons how to delay
    when we are married husband and wife. i recommend just fun your wifs and they can com in us illegally. if i wold done this 2 years ago i wold been with her by now and properly have a child by now . time is very important. under consular lows they always find lows how to delay you case and drag your important time witch is very costly

  4. mani says:

    My work authorization(H1b) visa which was sponsored by one of the “Big 4” firm was put under 221(g) hold, no additional documents were requested and then they even retained my passport, there’s no way to track the exact timeline required for these cases to close.

    I have been paying my rents and monthly bills in the US for the last 8 months now without getting to use my apartment, car, etc.

    I don’t think its fair to have something so critical to be left on the discretion of the Visa Consular Officer. All the required processing should be completed before the issuing of I-797 approval, esp. when they are already charging such a high amount for visa petition filing

    • akmohamm says:

      The idea of having the documentation and verification before I-797 approval is very worthy even though it might come with its own issues, considering some H1B visa that come back with a query have there own delays. Any public policy changes related to immigration though would take time.

    • Vanj says:

      Was it been approved eventually? Same case as mine, the consul approved my h1b renewal during the interview. I was surprised to receive a letter that aa amended, they have to suspend my case. They disnt ask for anything and my passport is with them. They said theres no definite time for the process but will inform me as soon as the review is completed.

    • Umar says:

      Hey Mani did you get your visa eventually? what was the color of your 221G

  5. XXXXX says:

    221g is a racist policy … which is designed for the american racists.

  6. oluwatoba says:

    hello sir, so sorry about your case. But there is no cause for alarm. Administrative processing is done when the embassy wants to confirm the information you gave them, due to the influx of applicants the time ranges from 1-4 weeks. I have been in this situation before but mine lasted for just two(2) weeks. Thank God!.
    You should not contact the embasy until they call you, and please pray to God to make the process fast. That was i did and i got a quick response. Good luck

    • Sarah Dafterdar says:

      Hi I was just wondering, the sistuation you were in was your passport handed back to you with a paper under act 221g??

      • akmohamm says:

        The passport was handed over, but there are other situations where I know they kept the passport, if you need the passport you can call or email the consulate and they often do let you take it if you tell them you need it

  7. artur says:

    America became a NAZI TERRORIST country , this is not new

  8. sandra babay says:

    My husband was refused we have been together for 4 yrs and waiting on the review almist 2 yrs.

  9. sheila marie cenabre paradela says:

    I have my 221 (g) but approved my H1b visa by complete after reviewed..sheila marie cenabre paradela,RNV

  10. Victoria Evans says:

    I filled for my fiancée, was approved and he went to the embassy with all requested document, they denied him because they said we should go and register, I really don’t know what they want, fiancée means we are not married yet but committed and engaged. According to them we will have to get married within 90 days after he arrives in the United States so I don’t know what they were talking about register the engagement or get married. I am so confused that is why I looked into the meaning of this section 221(g) online. I am so devastated, disappointed and just has to wait they say up to six months to hear from them what they really want us to do, or what they want from us. Today is Friday, my weekend will be so lonely and said. This is not fair. People come here illegally and when we try to do it the right way we are not treated fairly. I still have hope.

  11. Mary Ann pablo says:

    I petitioned my mom and she finished her interview the consular told her she need to submit photos as evidence of relationship.and she need to submit her another nbi clearance which is she has another one it’s because she recently correct her name in her birth certificate.anybody here know how long the process of section 221(g)that the same on my case? Thank you

  12. Emmanuel says:

    My mother filed for my brother and at the interview was given paper quoting section 221g. Please I have some questions for you.
    But to ask you I would like to have your email address or phone # where I can reach you.


  13. Rahul says:

    They should understand the criticality of each case and prioritize if there’s some time constraint such as DS-2019, where the applicant has to join the University within 30 days of the start day.Failing to do so the DS-2019 stands null and void. So for these cases if they take more than 60 days or so, then it’s very difficult. It’s very strange that they just don’t believe their own top notch universities cover letter/ report and need additional information. This should end.

  14. Thazin says:

    I got refusal letter since 5.2.2015.
    Because of marriage 221g.
    I got one year requirements (221g)
    U.S consular send back to uscis.
    USCIS review my case now.
    I do know what to do.
    Do I need to withdraw my case or wait when they contact me after review.
    May I re fill new applications I 130.

  15. and Yes May 21,2016 replied from my immigrant Atty,that has not been refused and denied,only my courier Fedex/2go to have my passport/visa on me for the travel soon specifically in Georgia,atlanta soon to pick up and to have in my address..phils….can able to travel as immigrant.

    • Etisalat says:

      I was an interpreter for US army in Afghanistan , i had apply for SIV ,currently my case is under Administrative processing , once my case been revoked after interview and i did appeal for revocation i received approval for appeal and now am located in Administrative processing step for over 6 months .i don’t know do my case is normal or still they will ask me for something ? your comments will be highly respected.

      • akmohamm says:

        Sorry I cannot help you much here not heard of similar cases or have any info how these cases are handled or any guidance. Try to post on murthy.com or some other legal site and see if anyone else can assist you

  16. Kruthika Iyer says:

    Currently I am a PhD student from India doing my research in HIV-1, part of the biotechnology subject. Wanted to go to the US as a tourist to visit family, friends and to tour some national parks
    May 9, 2016 US visa interview at Mumbai with parents. Only I was handed the 221g green form
    May 10th, 2016 submitted the required documents to the email specified
    May 26th 2016 was asked to submit passport to pune vfs. Submitted.
    31st May 2016 visa issued
    1st June 2016 passport ready for pick at Pune vfs
    Travel date…. 4th June. 😓 Phew

  17. Etisalat says:

    I was an interpreter for US army in Afghanistan , i had apply for SIV ,currently my case is under Administrative processing , once my case been revoked after interview and i did appeal for revocation i received approval for appeal and now am located in Administrative processing step for over 6 months .i don’t know do my case is normal or still they will ask me for something ? your comments will be highly respected.

  18. ready for travel USA ,and the dates for tarvel to confirm probable..please update..thanks..

  19. dates of travel to confirm…

  20. Purvi says:

    I had attended my Visa interview on 01st June 2016, and was handed over 221g form stating further administrative processing is required and Visa officer had kept my bank statements and payslips.
    Post that I had received an email on 3rd June that I could go and collect the documents from the kodambakkam office.
    On 6th June I had collected my documents and had received 221g form along with the docs. However there was nothing mentioned in the 221g form.
    What does it mean ? Does it mean my case is refused or denied?
    Pls advise

    • akmohamm says:

      If there is no visa stamped and they gave you a 221g form it means that you are in admin processing. Email them ask if they need additional material. If not all you got to do is wait and pray

    • ■■■■■■■■Knowing the Visa denial under INA 221(g)

      Some aliens are ineligible to receive American visas under INA 221(g) due to failure to provide information or further review by American Consulates abroad or different federal government agencies.

      Many U.S.Consulates abroad have been asking for varying levels of information about the visa applicant ( family, commercial activities, interview with FBI\Customs attaches at Embassies and many others).

      American Consulates have been using the INA 221(g) to indicate different types of requirements or sort of problems with the visa applicant abroad.

      INA 221(g) means more consular administrative processing for U.S. security review.

    • mahesh says:

      hi purvi, my case is also similar. whether your status updated or still pending?

  21. shiv says:

    Need your opinions.

    + 2 FEB : Attended H1b visa inteview & Received 221g requesting “detailed project document”
    + 22 FEB Submitted the same via email on 22 Feb
    + Was waiting & following up , but no updates till 3 May
    + 3 MAY – Received email , requesting same document again
    + 4 MAY – this time they acknowledge for recipient of document
    + till date – its shows same status : “Administrative Processing”

    Please advise.

    Best wishes & good luck to everyone.

  22. ■■■■■■■■Knowing the Visa denial under INA 221(g)

    Some aliens are ineligible to receive American visas under INA 221(g) due to failure to provide information or further review by American Consulates abroad or different federal government agencies.

    Many U.S.Consulates abroad have been asking for varying levels of information about the visa applicant ( family, commercial activities, interview with FBI\Customs attaches at Embassies and many others).

    American Consulates have been using the INA 221(g) to indicate different types of requirements or sort of problems with the visa applicant abroad.

    INA 221(g) means more consular administrative processing for U.S. security review.

  23. sheilamariecenabreparadela says:

    then to POEA agency to PDOS

  24. ..║▌│ █│║▌║││█║▌│║║█║
    Emotional Shocks & Revoked Visa Without Notice.

    The application of INA section 221(g) is the beginning of a great problem that has to be taken care of with extreme caution .

    Some aliens are ineligible to receive a American visas under section 221(g) of the INA due to failure to provide information, further procedure, or review by the American Consulate abroad and different federal government agencies.

    The INA 221(g) is the same to all applicants because Consulates abroad have been asking for varying levels of information about the alien applicant s life, family and commercial activities.

    Amerian Consulates have been using the INA section 221(g) to indicate different types of requirements or sort of problems with the visa applicant.

    Many INA 221(g) cases are under consular administrative processing for U.S. security review.

    There is no way to describe the great emotional shock that a person suffers when he is about to board a flight for the United States and he is suddenly informed by the attendants at the airline booth at the airport that his valid visa has been revoked.

    The children begin to cry, his wife is shock and the family realizes that they have lost a lot of money in hotel reservations, a rented car, etc., and that their long-awaited vacation has been ruined because the visas of the entire family have also been revoked.

    All of the foreign family members, or even the staff members of a company are left in shock and amazement when they are told that all of their visitor visas have been revoked.

    In the examples given above, more confusion is added to the situation of the affected persons when they go hurriedly to the U.S. Consulate to find out what happened, and all they are told is that their visas were revoked in accordance with INA section 214(b) by orders from Department of State, and later refused in accordance with section 221(g) during the new consular interview.

    Section 214(b) is part of the Immigration and Nationality Act and states: “Every alien shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer, at the time of application for admission, that he is entitled to a nonimmigrant status…”

    After being informed of the revocation of their American visas, this is when these unfortunate people begin to:

    1) Ask their friends and their lawyers what they should do.

    2) Apply for new appointments at the U.S. Consulate and apply for new visas, simply repeating the same mistakes over and again.

    3) Finally, when they apply for new appointments at the U.S. Consulate, their requests are refused.

    Generally, in cases of revoked visas, if the problem is not correctly attended to from the very beginning, from the legal point of view, the affected persons simply enter a never-ending maze of visits to lawyers, calls and letters to the Consulate or U.S. Ambasadors, and a series of delays and disappointments.

    What’s even more important to understand here, is that many honest people, professionals or business managers, who are, furthermore, responsible family heads, find themselves facing this sort of problem without ever having been involved in any incident or any type of suspicious activity, either in the U.S.A. or in their home countries .

    It is quite probable that one might not remember, or indeed, even realize that he\she was once involved, either directly or indirectly, in a problem, either within the United States or in some other country

  25. Sayan says:

    Hi, I am research scientist. I had my interview last week on 13th September and my passport was taken from me for administrative processing under 221g at Kolkata US consulate(category B1/B2) as my research topic seemed sensitive. I had to submit some documents though mail, which I have submitted immediately after the interview. I had one conference to attend which is starting today at Phoenix. I had to cancel my tickets and I missed the conference. That’s a huge loss, but moreover my passport is still stuck with the embassy. I need my passport as I have to apply for another VISA soon for another travel to Germany. Do you have any idea that how can I get back my passport? As my travel date, tickets, invitation letter stands invalid now (as the dates have passed) and I have no need for US visa anymore right now (as the conference will be over tomorrow), is there a way to get my passport without waiting anymore?

  26. Rami Albetar says:

    I am asylee in the USA, I filed forum I730 for my wife, in the embassy they denied my wife’s visa under section 221g, the case now in NVC for more than 7 months.
    what should I do, last time I saw my wife was 4 years.
    some attornies advice me to file new I730, or go for mandamus, others said that department of state had immunity against lawsuits.
    what should I do?

  27. CFO-pdos and advance for the application of american passport USA passporthealthcarousel for the naturalization american citizen..arnel navera paradela

  28. Sandesh says:

    I have also got 221g for my wife, who is M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry.

    We are planning to submit the required documents (i.e. Resume, Resume of Spouse, Invitation letter in PDF format, Publications, Study done duing M.Sc. in organic chemistry, Research intend to do in US etc).

    Question is, they asked me to submit a SINGLE Word document with all the information. But my resume is too long.

    Should I include resume as a “Insert as Object” or should I copy and paste at the end of word document?

    • AK says:

      my advice? Go as low tech as possible. It doesn’t matter if your CV is long. You don’t want a technicality where they couldn’t open that “object”. Keep it simple.
      Just create sections in a word document and paste. For documents that in PDF format, consider pasting image of the pdf (one per page).

  29. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!|

  30. Arunodaya says:

    Hello all,

    I am Indian citizen residing/working in UK in scientific research in a steel company. I have attended my H1B visa interview in London on 30th Nov 2016 for a post-doctoral research position in a US national laboratory in materials research (physics based study).
    The consular officer just asked few questions (maximum 1 minute) and issued 221g administrative processing; she did not even keep my passport with her, saying if visa is issued they would notify me by email. Now its over a month since I had my interview: have received no news, no email and no status update from the embassy. I am very worried because for post-doc position, funding is everything and i need to start in time. Additionally, I have resigned from my present position which should curtail my UK visa (and i am hoping not to be in a no-mans land).

    Is anyone in the same or similar situation as me? I am having sleepless nights.
    I have been to US before on a B visa for a conference and at that time also i was given 221g, but i got my visa within 10 days.

    I also wanted advice on something on DS-160 that I filled:

    1). There was a section which mentions “has anyone ever filed an immigration petition for you? I said yes to it because until after the interview date, i did not clearly know immigrant and non-immigrant terminology used in USA. I thought since i am moving to USA for job, i must be an immigrant (as we are referred to as in UK). I did explain in the box that i am referring to my current H1B visa petition. Is this an issue? I was not aware this is only for these who apply for green cards

    2). My first name is very long and most people call me by my nickname. But i did not mention in “other names used ” my nickname there. However, i just saw in i-129 that the immigration lady of my future lab mentioned my nickname in i-129 as well (not in main name but as other names). But i did not mention this in my DS-160. Is this an issue?

    3). I do not have a US National Identification Number, but I have UK National Insurance Number. In the section of NIN, instead of writing “do not apply”, I wrote my UK NIN number. Will this create a confusion?

    4). I had made no fixed travel plans as advices by the usa embassy website. However, in DS160, they asked where I would stay in USA. Since I had not made the travel plans, I provided the address of my lab (work place). Will it create any issue? I was assuming they need this information in case they need to contact me.

    I can only think of these three issues as a potential reason for the delay and 221g issuance. Could anyone please help me out or have a chat? I am extremely nervous as time is flying day by day and no sign of any email from the embassy.

    • AK says:

      Hi – unless you have connections high up in the embassy, consulate or the US government, I doubt you will get any answer before they are done with their “administrative processing”. The 221g is an easy one in the sense that you have absolutely no control over whats going to happen and so I suggest you come to terms with that fact and take it easy. I assume that all your documentation is in order, they will eventually finish their investigation.

  31. Junaid says:

    Dears, I was given a green slip and was told to submit my CV. I uploaded the resume the very same day but there was no confirmation. Any insight on this?

  32. AK says:

    Posting for everyone’s benefit : I was issued a 221g (I think it was a green slip) during my VISA interview in Sep 2013. My passport was handed back to me. I had been employed by the same employer since 2007 (and still am!) and as far as I know, all my records are straight. This is a decent-sized company in the Bay area (CA). I had previously appeared for H1B visa renewals on atleast two occassions for the same company since 2007 without any problems whatsover. The adjudication took about 3 months. I was asked to submit my passport to the Pune office at the end of three months and received it back after a week or so. Although I was eligible for a 3 year extension, I noticed that they gave me only a 2 year extension. While at the time the experience was a shock for me, in retrospect, I had a great time in India those three months. Fortunately I am a top performer at work, and I was able to work out a work schedule with my managers in the states (For those wondering : non desis). Sure, I paid rent and car insurance and all that stuff for the 3 months I was stuck, but I made good use of that time – I spent time with family members, and long lost friends. I believe (and hope) that if all documentation is in order, the chances of eventual approval are extremely high. So just hang in there. I am going again in about a month, and so going a little better prepared this time!

    • AK says:

      Oh, additionally, due to the 2 year extension in 2013, I did have to get my visa renewed again in 2015 (I travel every now and then internationally for work). That time, there was no problem. That being sad, In an almost unprecedented ending to the interview, the officer told me that I might face delays at my next VISA renewal (i.e in a month). It was quite a bizarre thing to say!! Needless to say, I thanked the officer for the VISA that she had just approved, asked no further questions about her final remark and left the interview window.

    • akmohamm says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, I know for those who are waiting it seems there is no light but keep things in perspective. Hopefully with time things will fall in place.

      • AK says:

        Update : My U.S. Visa was approved (Visa interview date : 11 April 2017). The interview was longer than usual, and although I could not see the officer screen, I could tell that there were probably some notes from my previous 221g in 2013. When I mentioned that I worked in the semiconductor industry, he did ask me about what kinds of chips I worked on. I assumed that he wanted to know whether I was involved in the design or manufacture of chips, and I told him that my company manufactured equipment to help build microscopes to inspect chips, not to actually build them. At that point he seemed satisfied, and told me that my VISA was approved.

        [Summary : 221g issued in Sep 2013 which took 3 months to adjudicate. 2 successful VISA renewal approvals (same company) thereafter, one in 2015 and 2017 respectively without 221g.]

  33. Sourish Ghosh says:

    Hello Sir,
    I was given 221(g) when I applied for a J1 VISA for an exchange program last summer. I successfully overcame it but it took 4 weeks of processing. I’m also applying for a J1 VISA this summer but my time line is crunched, and my internship area is similar to that of last summer. What are the chances of me getting 221(g) again? Is there any chance that I won’t be getting it, since I cleared it last summer. Kindly let me know, thanks.

  34. Dirga Sumantri says:

    am currently a final year bachelor student from Indonesia
    I made an appoinment on March 25, 2017. I got slip 221g instead I attached 2 international conferences. The conference is being held from 1 until 14 july. Until now (3 july) the embassy do not give any sign of my visa. Last week I asked to the embassy and the answer is:
    Thank you for your email. The administrative processing of your visa application has not yet cleared. We will advise you when your administrative processing is received. We are not waiting on any additional information from you or anyone else; it is simply time we are waiting on for the paperwork to go through.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do speed up the processing. We understand it can be frustrating to wait this long but hopefully it will be done soon. Should you need to check your visa application status, you may check it by visiting the following link : https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ (https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/)
    I don’t understand why this happen to me. It’s very hurts me. I needed a year of dicipline and hardword to pursuited these confereces. These conferences are my future path for my near future profession. I don’t know why should I do now.

  35. Ami patel says:

    Hi. I went for Us visitor visa interview before 13 days. Interviewer gave kept my passport with her, and asked to me to submit resume under 221g act.
    Now I am waiting for their update… but so far I didn’t get any update from them..

    Can you please guide that how much time it will take? Is this something serious issue?

  36. Ibrahim says:

    I am a student and I went to the interview in the embassy and they accepted me then after a day they called me and they said your visa was refused under law 221(g) and they sent me an email with the needed information and I sent to them in the same day and I told them my college starts in August 20 and I have an orientation in August 03. The day after they sent my passport back and I am applying to f1 visa

  37. Gurvinder singh says:

    Sir I get 221g I loss my passport in 2003 in New York they asked me deposit police reports

  38. yusaf says:

    hello , i had i 212 approved and attended interview in mumbai consulate last weak visa officer askd few basic questions which i answered promptly vo looked at my papes n said everything is in order,
    n she handed over me 212g for administrative process n said they will inform me via mail,please let me know how long will it take me to get visa n why iam in administrative process thanks waiting for ur reply,peace

  39. Tanneika says:

    I did my fiance interview yesterday n i didnt have my cerfiticate of no impediment to marriage .
    I was giving a white sheet of paper saying my visa was temporary refused under section 221 g.so now am not sure what the next step to do

  40. Ani says:

    I received a 221g Blue slip since my project was internal (In house) and Visa Officer asked for additional documents. Now I got a client name which can be amended in LCA. Can I withdraw my last interview and go ahead with new 797 /I-129 form? {Or} I have to submit additional documents related with my internal project only without client name amendment.
    Keenly looking for your advise.

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